Symposium EM6

Piezoelectric and Triboelectric for Energy Harvesting

Chair: Assist. Prof. Dr. Wee Chen GAN (XMUM)
Co-chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. WenXi GUO (XMU)

Symposium Scope

Piezoelectric and triboelectric applications have emerged as a topic of intense interest in the area of energy harvesting for self-powered portable electronic devices. Advances in piezoelectric and triboelectric materials enable new insights on the next generation of electronic devices, sensors and transducers that open up a new paradigm in the field of self-powered systems. In-depth understanding of material properties at a multi-scale level could shed new light on the newly emerging field of nanoenergy. This symposium aims to bring together experts from multi-disciplinary background to exchange their latest research outputs, and provide a platform for potential collaborations in the following exciting topics.

Topics include, but will not be limited to:

  • Piezoelectric and triboelectric materials: synthesis, characterization, mechanics and application
  • Design and implementation of piezoelectric and triboelectric energy harvester
  • Simulation and computational design of piezoelectric and triboelectric materials
  • Piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerators: fundamental, synthesis, characterization, modeling and material designs
  • Energy harvester electronics, sensors, actuators, transducers, memories, and supercapacitors
List of Speakers

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Wee Chen GAN

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